How to Confront the 8 Brutal Truths of Customer Service 

How to ensure your customer service team is proficient, empathetic, and engaged.

We are all customers wanting to be understood more than heard. Jim Woods 

We are all customers wanting to be understood more than heard. Jim Woods 

What is the most significant factor you'll be able to do to enhance relationships with your customers? Sadly, the solution is obvious. It is frequently overlooked: improve customer service. Regardless of however ideal your product is or however proficient your employees are, one of the items that customers measure is the direct interaction they receive from your company.  Still looking for a speaker to inspire your team? Click here to learn more. 

Bottom line, your customer service team is on the frontlines of your customer service initiatives. Good or bad your employees are the face of your company, and customer experiences become negative or positive depending on the talent and quality of the support they receive. 

For example, a company can already have a legendary relationship with their customers that it increases their chances of competitive advantage. However, a wise company will continually innovate. Asking “What is legendary customer service?” If you're not perpetually on the lookout for opportunities to boost your client service, then your relationships will not only stagnate, any advantages held will succumb. Here are a few measurable customer service tips for ways in which to serve customers at a higher level. 

  1. Strengthen your client service skills. First, make sure your customer service team has the proper skills for managing customers’ wants. There aren’t any CRM software packages that will atone for shortcomings during this period. What are the essential skills you must search for in every customer service rep? 
  2. Empathy, patience, and consistency. Some customers are angry. Others are packed with queries. Some can be simply chatty. You need skills to handle all of them and supply a constant flow of encouragement and training. 
  3. Adaptability. Expect each client to totally different. A few might even appear to vary week-to-week in their behavior. You ought to be able to handle surprises and sense the customer’s mood and adapt. This also includes a temperament to learn. Customer service is a pattern of Never Ending Training.  
  4. Clear communication. Make sure you convey to customers precisely what you mean. Use genuinely positive language, keep cheerful and providing support to the rep so the customers leave in a state of “Wow.” 
  5. Work ethic. Customers appreciate a rep sees their issues through to resolution. You must also have capable time management skills. Not expending an excessive amount of time handling one client when others are waiting. Keep targeted on your goals to keep a constant balance.
  6. Knowledge. Ultimately your customers trust you. Stay up to for you to address.  Hence, reply to the comments quickly and professional. Never use the word, “No.” You are a company of “Doers.”
  7. Don’t be afraid to tell customers you don’t know. Customers can appreciate the honesty and your efforts to search out the proper answer.
  8. Thick skin. Have the flexibility to swallow pride and settle for customer denouncements and feedback. This is important. Don’t take it personally. Imagine if this occurred to you. How would you want the company agent to resolve this, so it is win-win?

Whatever happens, keep the customer’s happiness in mind. Jim

 Jim Woods is a successful leadership trainer and speaker and executive coach. He speaks of employee engagement, leadership and change management, leading instead of managing and customer service. He is an author, a former fifth grade and university teacher with an impressive resume. He is beloved by audiences. To schedule a speaking engagement with Jim please schedule an engagement here. Go>. Connect with him on TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin.