Employee Engagement

Why You Must Become a More Positive Leader

What does it mean for you to become a positive leader? Positive leadership is transformational. The real leaders whose legacy is they cared, empowered and who steadfastly supported their employees. The great leaders respond to people with love and care. Such a leader who cares will respond to blunders from employees with the utmost compassion rather than the default expression of condemnation.

4 Ways of Managing Manipulative People

Passive-aggressive behavior is destructive and should be addressed as soon as possible (particularly when it is affecting the whole team). Don’t wait for performance evaluations—act now! Learn the powerful strategies for combating passive and aggressive people who can thwart an organizations progress.

Making Leadership Communication Effective

Authentic leadership requires establishing a genuine connection with people. Most certainly not dictatorial stances incumbent of keeping them in their places. A form of hierarchal control prevalent in low achieving ..

Reimagining Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership consists of inherent tensions: You must remain true to who you are and at the same time adapt or conform to a situation all the while thinking about your worker’s needs. You must decide what's special about you that works with others. What core values compels you? How have your life experiences shaped you? What strengths differentiate you? What weaknesses

How To Fix Employee Engagement

The untold truth about employee engagement is when employees experience a combination of effective and caring leadership appealing to employee development opportunities. One produces a number, the other real results towards business outcomes. Not the company picnic where one marvels at the CEO flipping burgers but real-world engagement i.e. servant leadership reduces attrition saving you millions. 

How Management Corrupts Customer Service and The Employees That Serve Them

Yes, it really is the fault of management. Your attrition rate is high. You are losing competitive advantage. In meetings, the only people to speak up are the usuals. You know them. You lose money due to lack of employee engagement that leads to dismal customer service ratios .... but alas, you don't care. Hear that knock?

Imagine The Business Outcomes If Human Resources Invented HR Like An Entrepreneur

HR leaders ought to assume a strategic role within their companies, instead of simply keeping busy with everyday processes such as policies, payroll, and birthdays. Moreover, hr leaders ought to try to make and strengthen a distinctive set of capabilities that provide a company its competitive advantage.

15 Ways to Create Raving Fans in Employees and Customers

Innovation of an organization is not completed until employees and customers are respected equally. All organizations preach the mantra of employee engagement combined with improving customer service. They proliferate the traditional assumptions of command and control with smiles. As though senior management aproned, flipping burgers

Three Ways Great Leaders Build Empowerment Through Trust

The element of trust is the most significant challenge facing any organization.  The circle of trust dwindles in command and control systems where it’s “My way of the highway” and “This is the way we have always done things around here.” When managers and leaders foster a command and control style of governing