Making Leadership Communication Effective

"People want to be respected as much as they want to be heard." Jim Woods

"People want to be respected as much as they want to be heard." Jim Woods

Authentic leadership requires establishing a genuine connection with people. Most certainly not dictatorial stances incumbent of keeping them in their places. A form of hierarchal control prevalent in low achieving managers. (How to Fix Employee Disengaement)

Don’t worry about ‘21st century leadership’. If you are just decent to people, listen instead of talk, respect and encourage them, are religious about ‘managing by wandering around,’ most things will work out.” Tom Peters, In Search for Excellence Author

Therefore, engaging authentically with people around you is the first task of genuine leadership due to the trust that it builds.  This requires leaders leaving their silos to join employees on the front lines to understand their struggles and gain new viewpoints and ideas for innovation. ere employees spend each workday. Trust has the expectation that it all is on the line by exposing vulnerabilities to reveal tough questions, criticisms, and hostilities. (Hard Truths About Employee Turnover)

Many leaders intuitively know leaders who can establish a meaningful connection with employees will ultimately exert greater influence than those who capitulate.  Those employees willing to commit to the company mission zealously have a greater capacity for trust than others who are mindless drones.  Relationships are influenced by trust not title. So, the way a leader improves business outcomes is to improve the input with employees. (See Our Clients)

The greater the authenticity the greater the trust

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