Why You Must Become a More Positive Leader

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What does it mean for you to become a positive leader? Positive leadership is transformational. The real leaders whose legacy is they cared, empowered and who steadfastly supported their employees.

The great leaders respond to people with love and care. Such a leader who cares will respond to blunders from employees with the utmost compassion rather than the default expression of condemnation.

These leaders aren’t robotic outwardly posturing a position towards self-aggrandizement, but people who understand we are all humans prone to making mistakes. These leaders have trained themselves to look within. They understand there is very likely a reason why a person has made a mistake. They take the time to transform their people and the world through positive leadership. Appreciating that people can struggle in ways that are not evident.

The person who empowers does not imprison. He or she opens the door for trust and self-expression that gives rise to growth individually and organizationally. A transformational i.e. servant leader willingly empowers people with growing self-determination. They cheer for their employees to be at their best at home and work. They recognize their employees are not one dimensional.

If you really want to be happy help others. Here is my question for you. What are you doing for others?

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People have come to expect bad leadership just as we expect bad customer service. A friend told me of a story that was about customer service but equally about leadership in the eyes of employees.

There was a Russian who saved more than fifteen years to purchase an automobile. He paid the auto dealer but was then told he had to wait two years for delivery of his new car. The man not angry asked, “Do you know what day two years from now?”

The dealer thinking what’s the rush. What difference will it make? When it comes it will come. At any rate, the dealer checked his schedule and said, “It will be delivered precisely two years from today January 23rd.” The man buying the car was really concerned now. His expression showed he was worried. He said, “Do you know if my car will be delivered in the morning or the afternoon?” The dealer becoming frustrated said, “It will arrive in the afternoon.” The man exuded happiness. He said, “That will be good because the plumber is coming in the morning.”

A self-confident leader is empowered. They would delegate assignments while permitting people to choose how they will manage the projects. One of our customers sent a letter to his managers asking them to select their own training development programs to enhance their management skills.  What are your thoughts on being a positive leader? What examples would you be comfortable in sharing? How could your being a positive leader grow your employees, teams, and organization? Could it make you an even better person? Please leave me your comments below. Thank you. Jim

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods President and Lucy Kovalova-Woods Vice-president Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods President and Lucy Kovalova-Woods Vice-president Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods is president and co-founder of Woods Kovalova Group located in Denver, CO. He is a former United States Navy Seabee and fifth-grade math teacher. While homeless in 1998 he went back to college earning a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources. He has been a professor of human resources and leadership at two universities enabling his students to become empowering leaders. Woods Kovalova Group is a family-run, minority and woman-owned company. We serve clients in four distinct sectors: financial services; public service; manufacturing, and health. Jim is a grandfather to five and happily married to business partner Lucy Kovalova-Woods. Their clients range from government, education, healthcare, small business, and Fortune 1000 companies. To learn how we can grow your people and organization schedule an appointment with a team member here.