6 Ways To Develop The Right Leadership Competency

"Our example is what makes us legendary." Jim Woods, President Woods Kovalova Group

"Our example is what makes us legendary." Jim Woods, President Woods Kovalova Group

An important characteristic of being an effective teacher is setting a good example.  Leaders must ensure teams and employees develop the passion to feel highly engaged and committed. The behavior of the leader will function more as an example than any organizational tenets. Without a philosophy, our actions will lack consistency because they will simply be reactions to the behaviors of others.

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A leader’s philosophy is guided by personal behavior.

The key responsibility of a leader is to teach employees how to execute business strategy by doing good for each team member, the customer, and organization. 

An example should be explained and demonstrated until it is exhibited as an unconscious behavior. Feedback is used as a positive teaching method constructively criticized and until the correct habit has been formed.   

Unskilled leaders and managers typically give an employee a project with a deadline only to simply walk away. We become disenchanted when the project turns out to be less than expected. On one hand, the leader or manager may have presumed the project was in sufficient hands as the person expressed an understanding of the deliverables.

Ideally, communicating the reason for the project, and how it contributes to the overall picture gives credence as to why this is important more than “just because I say so.”  This communication style helps transform a worker into a valued team member who thinks rather than complying with the usual niceties of groupthink.

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A fundamental question delivering on “we value your opinion is, “What are your thoughts on the matter?” will in energize team members as they start to take into account that they're in reality working with you, not for you. Make sure all team members are on a similar page comfortable with dissension in order to progress towards the absolute best resolution over avoidance for thinking.  

Here are here ways of setting an example of effective leadership that promotes excellent customer service and pride:

  1. Set very clear expectations
  2. Secure buy-in and understanding
  3. Make sure they understand the importance of their assignment
  4. Share how the system works and their role in it
  5. Create a workplace environment of respect, success and going beyond “good enough.”
  6.  Take time to acknowledge people individually and collectively for their contributions. This beyond the ubiquitous pizza party.

Effective leadership communication is a key leadership skill. People will gladly follow a leader who sets an example of “we” not “me.” Jim

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