The Doing and Being of Authentic Leadership

How to transform people and achieve business outcomes is a trait of a true leader. However, working on one’s personal persona rather the public persona is what makes one legendary. Your task for your employees is the same as for yourself, to become more effective, authentic individuals and leaders. One must:

  1. Carve out sacred time and space in your busy lives
  2. Engage in meaningful conversation about who you are and the purpose of your leadership
  3. Recognize authentic leadership is a different kind of work. You cannot do it alone.
  4. Expect to be open to sharing personal insights, experiences, ambitions, and fears
  5. Be curious
  6. Be honest with yourself and others
  7. Explore those who think differently and their behaviors

Expect as much of yourself as you do of your employees. Build a high trust culture. honest with yourself and others. Naturally, leaders content with prevailing upon the façade of the public persona will be uncomfortable with this type of work. In a world of immense competition, a leader must be at least open to experimenting with a different kind of being.  

The ultimate nature of authentic leadership in its purest sense is to transition into a vulnerable state where one focuses on being to accomplish a task. Not bravado which never lasts. Jim

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods is President of Woods Kovalova Group. A global consultancy with offices in Denver, Colorado and Kiev, Ukraine. He speaks and writes on leadership motivation, leadership skills, and leadership behavior. He was a former fifth grade math and science teacher and university professor. Jim has consulted with Whirlpool, MITRE, Education, and startups to Fortune 1000 firms. To schedule Jim to speak with your organization contact him here.