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How Habits Form Our Character

Not one of us is born with unchangeable habits. We are not accidents who waited to enter this life and leave it without the opportunity of choosing which direction we will follow. And which attributes we will caricature. Sadly, many of us live as though we are hinges on a door. without any personal determinant about our own destiny.

How to Master Delegation in Management

 We simply can’t do everything, but if we focus on delegation, we aren’t going to miss out on crucial opportunities. When we delegate work, we expect employees to satisfactorily complete that task. We’ve given them the guidelines with the expected outcomes with little room for creativity and problem-solving.

8 Ways to Build Strong Leadership in Turbulent Times

8 Ways to Build Strong Leadership in Turbulent Times

In an unpredictable economy what can you do to lead you team through murky waters and keep them motivated? Leadership is a contact sport. People want to know their leaders. Know your people and the departments they build. Roll your sleeves up and work on the front-lines. Make your supervisors do the same. Get out of the office as the ivory tower has a very different viewpoint than life meticulously cultivated to encourage them vs us.