5 Great Tips on How Servant Leadership Reduces Conflict in Teams

Servant leaders seek solutions in conflict. They view challenges as opportunities.

We have to reposition how we think, how we lead, how we show people they matter. That they are important.

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A truly authentic leader doesn’t make assumptions only to leap to blind conclusions. They confidently give the impression of seeing a challenging situation from many viewpoints They consult with many people for perspective and clarification to arrive at a course of action benefiting the organization and employees involved.  Typically, decisions will not have consensus. Invariably the authentic leader drives the dialogue to make rational decisions that are adaptable to changing conditions.   

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An authentic leader rarely casts blame or points fingers. In conflict management, the authentic leader avoids creating distance, being silent or delaying ways to manage conflict. The know avoidance isn’t leadership. Such leaders are assertive and speak up once when needed. Their speaking up isn’t to manipulate people or to control. They set an example of being proactive by running toward the storm because they understand that cutting through a conflict to resolve a problem with respect, dignity and listening to understand at the outset is simpler than the negative consequences of running away from conflict.

Servant leaders are as concerned with the growth of the individual as they are with the trajectory of the organization.
— Jim Woods, President, Woods Kovalova Group

The effectiveness of a leader and manager is dependent on the ability to develop productive teamwork.

Servant leadership sets the example of: 

  1. Strength through service
  2. Listening to understand rather than to denigrate
  3. Team consensus
  4. Personal development of individuals
  5. Laying the groundwork for effective coordination among team members so that together they serve each other so that they can serve their customers.

Our research shows that servant leaders teams discuss their disagreements, frustrations, and difficulties directly and work out solutions for the benefit of the team and their customers.

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods is President and Senior Consulting Partner for Woods Kovalova Group, LLC. Lauded as a reimagined leadership expert, he has an appealing and passionate style. He believes that training provides a moment of self-awareness that brings change to an individual and an organization. His clients have included Whirlpool and Homeland Security. Jim is a U.S. Navy veteran.